Temperature & Temperature Measurement
BS Tech provides calibrations for a wide range of temperature measuring equipment and sensors. Temperature Transmitters, Switches, Indicators/Gauges, Handheld Indicators, Data-loggers, Thermometers, RTD's, Infrared Thermometers Thermocouples from Range -75°C to 1200°C
  1. Thermometer/ Digital & Dial Type
  2. Temperature Gauge / Glass Thermometer
  3. Temperature Bath/ Temperature Calibrator
  4. Temperature Sensors(RTD & Thermocouple Type)/Temperature Switch
  5. Furnace/Oven/Freezer/Chamber
  6. Temperature controller/Temperature chart recorder / Transmitter/ Transducer
  7. Pyrometer/ Infrared Thermometer/ HMS (Helideck Monitoring System)
  8. Thermo-hygrograph/Thermo-hygrometer

Temperature Mapping
BS Tech provides temperature mapping services for a wide range of chambers from warehouse and storage facilities to walk in chambers, freezers, ovens and sterilisers.

BS TECH provides a wide range of humidity instruments and loggers. Expertise in calibrating Humidity Transmitters, Handheld Indicators, Data-loggers from Range 5 to 95% RH
  1. Hygrometer
  2. Hygrograph
  3. Humidity Chamber /Oven
  4. Dew Point Meter/ Gauge
  5. Humidity Meter / Controller
  6. Humidity Sensor
  7. Humidity Transmitter
  8. Humidity Datalogger