We are now working in an environment where cutting edge technology evolves at a speed the world has never seen before. Industries set high standards on production and stringent quality standards are a must in achieving a quality product.

As such, calibration plays a vital role in allowing industries to maximize performance and production Traceability is not a timeless condition. Every measuring equipment has to be maintained at its optimum state. Constant verifications are vital to ensuring that every metrological tool gives you the most accurate reading.

BS TECH is here to help YOU with achieving just that - precision, reliability and speed at the most affordable rates. . We provide a wide spectrum of services for equipments for the Pressure, Electrical, Dimensional, and Mechanical sectors. Our Engineering precision & high quality conformance provides you with the most accurate information on your equipment. We understand your regulatory & audit requirements and strive to ensure your equipment conforms to the every standard set both by local & International authority.

Our team of dedicated Engineers are specialists in the field testing & calibration services. We hand pick every individual from the most elite group. BS TECH are proud owners of a well equipped laboratory that uses the most state of the art equipment to allow high quality performance for our clients. We make your calibration our business. That is why staying up-to-date with instrumentation & techniques is vital to your success yours.

We don't stop at just receiving in-house orders. We work out ways to enable calibration to be carried out at your work premises, hassle free for you. This means that your production need not stall, yet you do not have to compromise to 2nd class standards and there's surely no risk of equipment fault.

On-Site Maintenance & calibration solution delivers a package of significant benefit to the oil & gas industry. It allows Clients to safely reduce operating expenses and time. We understand your need for maximum time utilization. This is why we come closer to you with our mobile team of mobile Engineers. Our Engineers will ensure that your equipment will be calibrated at the shortest time possible. Our on-site calibration services are available in global & regional areas.

AT BS TECH, the world is our workshop! We are proud to announce that we have performed onsite calibration services in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand & other countries in the Asia Pacific Region both on land and offshore on board vessels.Fast response, accurate diagnosis, precsion workmanship & competent repair is what sets BS TECH a leap ahead of the rest.