BS AQUATIERRA is an electrical construction company that personalizes your project to meet your specific needs and standards. When you need the services of an electrical contractor, it's critical to have a responsive, competent company, with a proven track record, by your side. But BS AQUATIERRA is stops at being that & more. Our knowledge extends beyond the field electrical construction, into the think-tank of design, execution, and strategy. We're not just electricians, we act as you consultants, giving you're the best advise on all aspects of electrical works including design build expertise. When are satisfied with just being your electrical contractor, BS AQUATIERRA goes one notch atop and becomes your trusted alliance in completing your project with optimum results. This is what makes our customers continuously engage our services from the first experience with us.
The key factor to improving your performance quality is in ensuring that every equipment is tested and calibrated only by a professional and internationally accredited laboratory. Equipment maintenance has to be done in the shortest possible lead time yet fully compliant to building safety regulations.

With our qualified Engineering professionals taking every possible step to maintain accuracy of your torque wrenches, pressure gauges, gas detectors, flowmeters and the full spectrum of equipment your building works will never get to standstill.

Our Service Package is listed as below
  1. Basic Wiring and Lighting
  2. Engineering and Integration
  3. Energy Management Systems
  4. Data Communications
  5. Telecommunications Systems
  6. Installation of Data Centers
  7. Preventive Maintenance Programs
  8. Fire Alarm Systems
  9. Control Systems
  10. Fiber Optics
  11. P.O.S. Wiring
  12. Re-models

Our Scope & Services
  1. Electricity Supply Distribution and Utilization Systems
  2. Building Electrical Services
  3. Uninterruptible Power Supply and Emergency Standby Supply Systems (UPS)
  4. Lighting Systems
  5. Earthing and Lightning protection Systems
  6. Electrical System Design and Computer Analysis/Calculation
  7. Electrical Protection Device and System Protection Coordination
  8. Protection Systems
  9. Electrical System and Equipment Layouts
  10. Electrical Equipment and Material Specifications

Our Construction & Electrical Experiences
  1. Electricity Supply Distribution and Utilization Systems
    1. Tray - (50,100,150,200,250,300)
    2. Trunking -(50,100,150,200,250,300)
    3. Cable Ladders -(300,500,750,1000)
    4. Panel Erections
  2. Electrical Power
    1. Distribution Switch Board (DS)
    2. Motor Control Center (MCC)
    3. Electrical Distribution Board - Power panel , lighting panel, Emergency lighting panels
    4. Final Sub-circuits
    5. UPS Panels
    6. Termination
    7. Commissioning
  3. Communication
    1. PA System
    2. Voice & Data Cables
    3. Fire & gas alarm cables
  4. Installation
    1. Panels, Isolators, VFD Panels, motors