BEST STANDARDS (Singapore) is a global engineering and technologies company focused on electronics, IT, finance, construction, marine, quality training, instrumentation and rental services. Our professional team provides services worldwide.

Our pool of Engineers are highly qualified and dynamic personnel, each a specialist in his own field of work.
  1. Senior Managers
  2. Executives
  3. Engineers
  4. Developers
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Life science and technology specialists
Our dedicated staffs are our most valuable resource and the main reason for our growth & success. We believe in nurturing talent and letting the individual shine & grow with the company. Young individuals are trained by senior Engineers. Middle Management staffs are given the opportunity to undertake individual projects to show their management skills. Through yearly evaluations, the Management selects talented staff to move up to their next level in the company. With a team that tirelessly drives towards excellence & a management that supports and nurtures talents, this is our secret and winning formula in giving the best to our clients.

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