Your Same Day Delivery Services

Standard Turnaround time is 3 to 4 working days & Platinum services is 24 Hours. BS Tech provide a pick-up and delivery service anywhere in the island. Safety Cushion Pads are used to protect the equipments during transportation.

Need a same day delivery? Do you need an Equipment to be delivered fast? Timing is critical in business.
  1. An immediate response to your call
  2. A dedicated vehicle service
  3. Experienced, professional vehicle drivers
  4. Fast collection, transportation and delivery
  5. A single point of contact ensuring effective communication

Call BS Tech now on +65 6458 4411 to find out more about a fast, efficient platinum service.
With its range of smaller vehicles, from Citrogen Nemo Vans to high top Toyota Hi-Ace, BS Tech will promptly collect and deliver your goods.