BSQI (BEST STANDARDS QUALITY INSTITUTE) specializes in assisting companies with the development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Programs & Management Systems in compliance with industry standards (ISO, API, ASME, AS, QS) leading to system certification and / or product licensing.

This service includes customized system manuals, procedures, forms, Internal Audits and personnel training necessary to implement an effective quality management system to control and measure the essential activities of your business.

BSQI has extensive international experience and is dedicated to delivering services custom fit to the client's needs. With our proven approach, our clients receive practical, cost effective, real-world training, consulting and auditing services. We are delivering our valuable services in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei & India.

ISO Certification Consultancy:
  1. We can advise and help you to ensure all of the necessary documentation is in place for your chosen standard/s.
  2. We can help you to write the required procedures and policies for your chosen standard/s.
  3. We can write the manuals required for your chosen standard/s.
  4. We can act as your part time Quality Manager/Health & Safety Officer/ Environmental Control Manager.

ISO Certification Audits:
  1. We can perform your assessments and/or audits for your chosen standard/s.
  2. First party audits (internal audits) can be undertaken anywhere on your behalf.
  3. Second party audits (audits of your suppliers) can be undertaken on your behalf to ensure supplier competence (usually paid for by the supplier who wants your business).
  4. Third party audits (external audits) can be undertaken for assessment/certification purposes.

We provide consulting and implementation support to implement best in class Quality Standards and systems, such as:
  1. ISO 9001: 2008
  2. ISO IEC 17025: 2005
  3. Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor Courses
  4. API Spec Q1, 8th Edition: Training and Implementation of Spec Q1 requirements
  5. ISO TS 29001

Training is critical enabler in an organizations pursuit of quality. Organizations need to upgrade the knowledge and skills of their professionals to achieve business goals with high quality products and services. BSQI facilitates this requirement of industry through conducting and organizing the public courses and onsite customized training programmes.

We provide a comprehensive, global range of training courses in the understanding, use, implementation, auditing and certification of standards.

We provide training and advice on how to develop standards, how to implement them and how to encourage their use all over the world.

We can supply on site or venue training sessions for your staff to familiarize them with the standards in place or being put in place.

We can supply on-site or venue training sessions for your staff to familiarise them with the standard/s in place or being put in place. It is much easier to manage a standard if your staffs are aware of what is involved in remaining compliant.